"Castle On The Sea"TM

St. Lucia Villa Rental
- What is the weather like?
    It's beautiful here year round.  St. Lucia is part of the Windward Islands and has steady sea
    breezes. Day time temperatures average in the mid 80's and the nights dip into the low 70's.
    Locals regard May as the hottest month.  St. Lucia is below the hurricane belt making
    hurricanes extremely rare.

- What about mosquitoes?
    As you surf the net for villas, look to see if the rooms have mosquito netting. If they have
    netting, they have mosquitoes.
    Castle On The Sea enjoys a constant sea breeze that keeps the mosquitoes away & the
    temperature pleasant.  No need to spray chemicals on yourself or your children. The only
    exception is the rainy season where there are more mosquitoes then we would like to admit.

- What do I bring?
    You should pack light and bring:
          - sandles
          - swim wear, sun lotion
          - shorts
          - sun dresses
          - light shirts (one or two collared shirts for dinner)
          - toiletries
          - and most importantly, your "I'm on vacation" attitude

- What don't I need?
    - Formal wear is not necessary unless you are here for a wedding
    - Don't bring heavy clothing, coats, sweaters, gloves

- I've heard St. Lucia is very safe & friendly, is this true?
    Very safe, especially in the southern end of the island. The people here are friendly, warm
    and caring.  In St. Lucia, the offical language is English making it much easier to
    communicate. When you leave St. Lucia it will feel like you are leaving home.

- What can kids do?

    - Beaches, horse back riding, eco adventures, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, etc...

- What do the adults do?
    - Tennis
    - Golf
    - Swimming
    - Kite surfing, wind surfing
    - Hiking
    - Diving
    - Fine dining & Cuban cigars
    - Dancing
    - or nothing at all

Private Road to Castle On The Sea, St. Lucia villa rental

Private road to Castle On The Sea